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Educate your patients on daily Tongue Scraping

100-Pack of Tongue Scrapers


Scraper Giving

You educate your patients, while we allow teachers to educate our future generation

You purchase a box of Tongue Scrapers

We send one to a school teacher

Who passes them out while teaching about oral health

Together we build a happier & healthier community!

This is how much is costs 

to gift your patients a Tongue Scraper, just $0.25 - for a priceless amount of value 

"My tongue feels absolutely amazing. Big fan"

"I've never seen a patient be excited for my goody bags till I started adding these scrapers"

"Honestly, I wasn't really scraping that much myself. This one just makes me want to scrape more - patients obviously love it too"

"They have been a huge hit in the office -great concept"

"I used to order a different brand, but they were bland & no one used them. ScrapeYourTongue is making it fun to practice good oral hygiene"

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