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Educate your patients on daily Tongue Scraping

100-Pack of Tongue Scrapers


Scraper Giving

You educate your patients, while we allow teachers to educate our future generation

You purchase a box of Tongue Scrapers

We send one to a school teacher

Who passes them out while teaching about oral health

Together we build a happier & healthier community!

This is how much is costs 

to gift your patients a Tongue Scraper, just $0.25 - for a priceless amount of value 

"I recommend these to all of my patients for effective plaque removal. The company is amazing when it comes to giving back to our community!"

"I've never seen a patient be excited for my goody bags till I started adding these scrapers"

"Honestly, I wasn't really scraping that much myself. This one just makes me want to scrape more - patients obviously love it too"

"They have been a huge hit in the office - great concept"

"I used to order a different brand, but they were bland & no one used them. ScrapeYourTongue is making it fun to practice good oral hygiene"

Vienna, VA

Farmington, MI

Brooklyn, NY

Houston, TX

New York, NY

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